It’s official…I’m a Hallmark Mom


While catching up on some “Home Improvement,” an advertisement for a new movie caught my eye: “Love on a Limb.” It was so cheesy and so cute that I marked it on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget to watch it. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I marked my calendar to watch a Hallmark movie! What is wrong with me??? Since I’ve turned 30, I just feel old, act old, and have more grey hair.

And now, I watch Hallmark movies.

But it was so good!!! The guy asked her mom’s permission before taking her out on a date!!! What year is this?? To make it even better, Little Miss was able to watch it with me without any concern for what was happening. This morning she said, “I can’t wait until next Saturday so we can watch another movie together!”

Um yeah. Did I mention there is a new Fall themed Hallmark movie on every Saturday for the month of October? Every. Saturday. Night.

I’m officially a boring, cheesy, true life hot mess mom. And I’m taking my kids down with me.


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