I seem to remember a little girl who did the same thing…

As a mom, I love to vent about my kids to my sisters, friends, and anyone who will listen. Some of the things they do just baffle me and I can’t help but talk about it. Plus, my kids are my kids and I love them so much, what else am I going to talk about?

So when my kids are being pains in the neck and giving me a run for my money, instead of curb checking their faces, I call Dad; or I text him while I’m balling my eyes out at 10 pm. And when I do, I get a response like, “I seem to remember a little girl who did the same thing.”

Ugh! Yes, I know, I was a pain. I lied. I talked back. I threatened to run away. I called you names. I moved out. I was in a hurry to grow up. I did the polar opposite of what you wanted me to do most of the time. I thought I knew everything. I took advantage of you because you were always there. I was a childish, immature, selfish girl and I’m sorry, but now I’m frustrated and I need to know how you dealt with me. I need your comfort and wisdom so I don’t high five my kids’ faces. 🙂

And then I hurt. I mean hurt. I can’t believe I ever made my parents feel the way my kids make me feel sometimes. How awful our human nature can be. So heartless, selfish, and inconsiderate. I know we are just people, but when you finally reach a point of maturity and realize that the way you saw the world was so skewed, you feel awful.

That’s when I text my dad at 8 pm, which is past his texting curfew, (yes he has a texting curfew) apologizing for everything I put him through and then apologizing for taking 16 years to apologize to him. Ridiculous I know. I’m such a girl… really I’m an emotional hot mess mom…. but whatevs…

So here I am. Parenting so hard. Feeling awful for making my dad feel the same way I’m feeling right now. But some day, my kids will come to me about their kids driving them crazy and I will say, “I seem to remember a little girl who did the same thing.”




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