I may have thrown carrots at the dinner table…


It’s not like I wanted to… It was just the best option at the time…. and it felt so gratifying.

Sitting around the dinner table with all six of us generally sparks some interesting conversation. My husband usually picks on the boys while our 14-year-old daughter and I try to embarrass little miss by asking her about the little 6-year-old boy she adores in class. It’s a circus for sure.

All the while everyone is asking, “Will you please pass the fill in the blank. Hello? Please pass the fill in blank. Mom! No one will pass the fill in the blank!”

Me: “Oh my goodness! Someone pass the fill in the blank! It helps if you say, ‘So and so, will you please pass me the fill in the blank?’ If you don’t say anyone’s name, they aren’t going to know who you are talking to.”

While this is going on, my boys tend to get a little smart. They are at the stage where they think they know everything. This includes, well… everything. Some nights, I just can’t take it. And when that happens, ignoring is not an option. So I resorted to something new… throwing raw carrots at them. I’m not proud of myself. It was just something that needed to be done to change the subject so they would stop repeating the same smart remark that wasn’t funny in the first place. My attempt to make them stop talking turned into laughter and flying raw carrots.

I think I’ll call that a mommy win, even though it started out as me taking out my aggression. But but they don’t have to know that.


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