parenting a kiddo with ADHD

Not only am I a parent, I am also an educator. I have been blessed with an opportunity to be around several kiddos with various different ways of seeing the world. However, parenting a kiddo with ADHD is the hardest thing I have ever done as a human being.

My mornings with my son have not been going well. School has only been back in session for a week and a half and I’m already exasperated. On Friday, I finally realized what the problem was; he has no routine at all. The kid forgets everything, all the time. The frustrating part for me is that he needs someone around him at all times giving him step-by-step reminders. But, I’m also trying to get ready. I already get up at 530 to make sure he is out of bed and getting ready. It takes the kid an hour and a half to do the same things my other kids do in 30 minutes. It’s so frustrating. I know he is easily distracted and working before his meds have kicked in, but it still stresses me out because we run so close to time because of him.

After many tears on Friday, I needed a plan. I subscribe to a wonderful website called ADDitude Mag online. It has wonderful suggestions for parents and teachers alike. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but I try a lot of strategies to help my son and little seems to work. However, this may be a little different. His morning routine will be posted on the fridge. As he completes things, he will check them off. I am debating on adding a time limit component since he takes so long to get stuff done.

So today, I sat him down in the kitchen and said, “how do you think our mornings have been going?” He said, “Not so good.” I asked why he thought that, he said, “because I take a long time to get stuff done.” BINGO! I was so happy to hear that he realized what the problem was, but my heart was breaking at the same time. I know he struggles so much and the fact that he realizes this makes me sad.

I taught him what routine meant and explained my morning routine. The fact that he has never established a routine means he will most likely forget something everyday. So he told me the order he wants to do things everyday and we wrote it on a piece of paper for the front of the fridge. Every time he completes a task, he will mark it off. I told him that even though he does not go to school on Saturday and Sunday, that his morning routine doesn’t have to change.

Fingers crossed this works.


One exhausted hot mess mom


2 thoughts on “parenting a kiddo with ADHD

  1. OMG Jessie I know EXACTLY what you mean. My little guy was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade. I HATE mornings. His pill doesn’t kick in until we get to school. I had to make a list for him also. I find him with the bathroom door closed in his pajamas watching Youtube!! I have to take the I-pad from him daily. I spend more time checking on him than getting ready. I couldn’t do it with 3 kiddos. You are a saint, and a wonderful person.


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