Proactive cooking

I have been beating myself up as a mom because I am NOT proactive. I mean seriously. I have a problem with waiting until the last minute, rushing, stressed, and dragging my kids behind me. I know this can all be prevented if I would just do some preplanning and be more proactive. So I started with food. I want fruits and veggies pre-cut. Meals prepped before hand. My family will eat so much healthier if I could just be more PROACTIVE! For the love of pete, how hard can it be?! I’m a sloth, that’s why. Not. Anymore.

So I raided Costco. I mean RAIDED it. Filled the cart with every fruit and veggie my little heart desired. My favorites that I never buy because they are “too difficult” to eat. Like honeydew and cantaloupe. These are the ones that sit on the counter getting soft because no one wants to take the time to cut it. I got strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, etc. And then I found the best thing EVER!! These amazing containers with air tight locking lids. They are seriously adorable. I know, adorable containers how can it be? But they are. It was a 38 piece set for 23.99!!!!!! SCORE! My 14 year-old daughter and I went nuts when we got home. We chopped, diced, washed, and stored in my cute containers for nearly THREE FREAKING HOURS!!! But let me tell ya, my fridge is STOCKED so full of fresh cut fruits and veggies, over night oats, cooked sweet potatoes ready to go, and lunches ready for my husband for the week, that you can’t fit another thing in there.

Seriously… if I can do this. Anyone can. My feet hurt, my lower back hurts, and I have yogurt in my hair, but by golly, we are ready for the week. I can do this on Sundays. I can. I just hope that I can stick with it. I have a serious problem with starting a routine and not sticking with it. But I am so tired of living like this. My next project is working on some sort of routine for laundry. I have six people in my home and my laundry room is a disaster. We are moving this summer and I do not want to carry over any of my bad sloth habits. I have the summer off because I am a teacher so now is the best time to get good habits started. I. CAN. DO. THIS!


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